L2 Construction specializes in major infrastructure projects that require detailed planning and seamless execution.  Use our expertise to ensure the most limited impact during maintenance or replacement of your most sensitive and critical systems.  (IT,  security, refrigeration, medical gases, electrical, plumbing and HVAC.)

Infection prevention, negative air pressurization of work areas, logistics and planning around fully occupied surgical, procedure and treatment areas are what we do on a daily basis.

Our project experience and relationships include all of the major equipment vendors and all category of projects.  A few examples include MRIs, CTs, Angio Biplanes, EP Labs, Cath Labs, Radiology Equipment, Nuclear Medicine, OR Light Booms, Integration Systems, Endoscopy and many more. 

Whether your project is a tenant renovation, a sensitive classified space or a technical clinical or research space, we have the processes, capabilities and experience to make your project successful.  If collaboration, high quality and long term-relationships are part of your criteria for a teaming partner, then we are the firm for you.